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From farm to fork, you can verify the quality, quantity and condition of your products or commodities at any stage of the supply chain.

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Third Party Experts

At the loading, discharge or transhipment location/country, our partner network of independent experts in testing and inspection offer a broad range of services as per regulatory requirements, industry standards procedures and contractual terms including bespoke inspection services.

On-site Inspection

The expert will visit the designated facility to take samples for testing, inspect products or monitor a process. McGrocer will collect your payment, but will not release it to the expert until you receive the test or inspection report. Service availability depends on the location of your seller and order type.

How to Book Inspections

1. Add the testing & inspection service to your order.

2. Enter the seller's email address in note section of your shopping cart.

3. Complete payment.

4. Expert notifies the buyer and the seller via email after receiving the testing/inspection order.

5. Seller completes appointment form to schedule on-site inspection.

6. Seller prepares and package at least 80% of the goods.

7. On-site inspection conducted.

8. Expert notifies McGrocer on completion, and issues the inspection report to the seller and buyer.

9. McGrocer release payment to the expert

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