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Organic Peeled Tiger Nuts Bar Dietary Snack
£1,833.37-£4,399.37 Metric Ton
20 Metric Ton (Min. Order)
Crazy Tiger
£1,500.00-£2,200.00 Metric Ton
1 Metric Ton (Min. Order)

Sourced, Delivered.

Bulk Food & Agricultural Products Hub

Through our network of local and multinational partners, we eliminate unnecessary supply chain hassles to facilitate cross-border trade between countries with surplus agricultural products and countries with deficit.

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We're reshaping the traditional way of sourcing and trading agricultural products, especially cross-border trade, by making: agricultural supply chains more transparent and resilient, processes more efficient and products more accessible.

Regional and international trade in agricultural products existed through history, and it remains a critical aspect in the economy of every country/region. However the traditional way of trading are not just complex and often lacking transparency, the supply chains are largely fragmented and unreliable.

And when you consider a growing global population, increasing demand for food and climate change, not to mention the impact of COVID-19 and conflicts - all together they threaten normal supply of food and agricultural products thus exacerbating hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition.

We connect buyers and suppliers with minimum of fuss and hassle. When you seller on McGrocer, language, payments, and currency conversions are all automatically taken care of. You simply need to leverage on our digital tools to reach new customers and grow your business.
These are fixed price listings with a Buy It Now button. A buyer knows the exact price they need to pay for an item, and can complete their purchase immediately. However, the buyers cannot make price offers or negotiate shipping rates on fixed price listings.
Letter of Credit services allow you to trade with confidence by providing certainty that you’ll be paid for goods you export – or supplied with goods that you’ve paid for.unchanged.
When you enter into new relationships with buyers or suppliers in emerging markets you want to be sure you can trade safely Gives you the reassurance of a secure, globally recognised method of settling overseas trade Offers flexibility as we can match your letter of credit to your business needs, to any amount and to any freely traded currency Allows you to strengthen your trading relationships by offering better credit terms to overseas buyers if you are exporting goods Enables you to negotiate improved credit terms if you are importing goods, thereby improving your cashflow Subject to the International Chamber of Commerce’s rules for documentary credits, giving the reassurance of worldwide standards.

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