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From enquiry and negotiation to order and delivery to your door, McGrocer offers a convenient and cheaper alternative to the traditional way of buying or selling bulk groceries and agricultural products.

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Who We Are & What We Do

McGrocer is online marketplace that offers a convenient and affordable way to buy and sell bulk groceries and agriculture related products to everyone. We curate bulk groceries, agricultural products, input and equipment from wholesalers, distributors, brokers and others sources on a single platform. Then a warehouse picker or personal shopper will pick and pack your goods for delivery to your location. Depending on delivery terms, you may pick up from the warehouse.

Vision & Mission

To nourish the world by promoting the possibility for everyone to have effortless access to affordable groceries, food and agriculture products in larger quantities.

Network of UK & International Partners

Through technology and a growing network of UK and international partners, we facilitate the following integrated services: logistics, online payment, testing and inspection, trade finance and cargo insurance.

B2B & Individual Group Buyers

Merchants on McGrocer consist of, but not limited to cooperatives, brokers, wholesalers, manufacturers and farmers while buyers include retailers, producers, hotels, restaurants, group buyers and more.

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