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Save time ringing round or searching online, find new sellers, source more efficiently with less intermediaries and save money by negotiating the best possible price.

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  • 1. Search and select the exact items you want
  • 2. Message seller or make an offer
  • 3. Negotiate total order amount and shipment terms
  • 4. Review invoice and make payment

Secure and Seamless Payments

Flexible payment options in over 100 local currencies powered by leading payment providers to bridge trust and ease transactions.

Trade Assurance

Our trade assurance service which offers a positive end-to-end experience for sellers and buyers, when you buy from McGrocer seller and pay on our platform. Sellers are notified of payment receipt before packing and shipping; payments are released to sellers after the buyer confirms receipt the goods in accordance to mutually agreed terms.

Transparent Pricing

Using our Make an Offer purchase option, you can negotiate prices and incoterms terms to ensure the best conditions for the deal, thus reducing overall cost and guaranteeing better prices.

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