Basse Giant Inca Corn, 800g
Basse Giant Inca Corn is roasted and salted, and offers you only the largest, finest corn kernels grown naturally in the Andes mountains of Peru. Enjoy as a crunchy topper on salads, in trail mixes or straight from the bag...
Walkers Sunbites Assorted Pack, 24 x 25g
Sunbites believe that a little good can go a long way. That's why there's a little "Taste Good" & "Do Good" in every bite. Free From Artificial Colours No Artificial Flavours Suitable for Vegetarians 24 x 25g 18 x Sweet...
St Michel Tam Tam, 60 Pack
St Michel Tam Tam is a double sensation snack, a soft round cake with a double dough: the exterior of the cake has a yellow colour, with a light vanilla taste and the centre of the cake is brown, with...
Maltesers Chocolates, 40 x 37g
Maltesers are a lighter way to enjoy chocolate with a delicious milk chocolate shell surrounding a ball of crunchy malt honeycomb. Milk Chocolate Shell Malt Honeycomb Centre Fair Trade Suitable for Vegetarians Kosher 40 x 37g Specifications Brand: Maltesers Weight:...
Layla Baklava, 1kg
This is a crispy sweet pastry product delicately hand made with fine filo leaves, filled with nuts, buttered and then gently coated with a light syrup. Comes in a sealed box containing 50 portions of a delightful assortment mix classic...
Whole Earth Organic Cocoa Crunch 375g
Free fromAlcohol, Crustacean, Dairy, Egg, GMO, Hydrogenated fats, Lactose, Nuts, Parabens, Pork, Yeast Suitable forLow fat, Organic, Vegans, Vegetarians
Elite Strawberry Filled Chocolate Bar 100g
Description Artificial flavor & color Kosher - Dairy Milk chocolate with strawberry flavour cream filling (30%) Serv. Size 1/3 bar (33g)Serving Per Container about 3 Kosher Dairy under the supervision of Nazareth-Illit Rabbinate. Nutrition Table of Nutritional Information Per 100g...
Sainsbury's Milk Chocolate 200g
Description Milk chocolate   Suitable for Vegetarians  8 servings Nutrition A serving contains Typical Values ENERGY 570kJ 137kcal 7% white FAT 8.2g 12% red SATURATES 5.0g 25% red SUGARS 12.7g 14% red SALT 0.04g 1% green % of the Reference...
Randoms Randoms Squish'ems Sweets Sharing Pouch 140g
Description Assorted Fruit Flavoured Jellies Deliciously fruity-flavoured soft, foamy sweets with jelly tops A random assortment of shapes, colours, textures and flavours No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives Like balancing jelly on an ice-cream! Have the best of both worlds...
Ferrero Rocher Original Tablet 90g
Description Milk Chocolate (59%) Bar with Hazelnuts & Cocoa Filling. A new way to enjoy the delicious taste of Ferrero Rocher A refined chocolate base, a soft creamy filling, topped with a chocolate layer mixed with crunchy pieces of hazelnuts...
Sainsbury's Fruit Jellies Sweets 225g
Description Assortment of fruit flavour jelly sweets Nutrition Per 4 sweets Typical Values ENERGY 400kJ 94kcal 5% white FAT <0.5g <1%% green SATURATES <0.1g <1%% green SUGARS 17.7g 20% red SALT 0.07g 1% green % of the Reference Intakes Typical...
Barratt Wham Spaceballs 160g
Description Raspberry, Pineapple & Orange flavour bon bons with a sour centre Dare You Eat the Double Sour Cosmic bon bons that are out of this world No artificial colours & flavours Suitable for vegetarians Experience the tongue twisting flavours...
Rowntree's Jelly Tots Bag 150g
Description Fruit flavoured jelly sweets A sharing bag of our fruit flavoured Jelly Tots® With blackcurrant, strawberry, lemon, lime, and orange flavours No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives Vegan Friendly for even more people to enjoy Rowntree's® Jelly Tots® sweets...
Extra White Chewing Gum Sugar Free Multipack 6x10 Pieces
Description Sugarfree Chewing Gum with Sweeteners and Mint Flavour. Sugar Free Fresh Look For Clean & White Teeth Suitable for Vegetarians Oral Health Foundation Approved*Irish Dental Association Approved**Helps remove stains and maintain teeth's natural whiteness*Extra sugarfree chewing gum contributes to...
Haribo Halal Tropifrutti Bag 100g
Description Fruit Flavour Gums Without Artificial Colours Halal - European Institute of Halal Certification Kids and grown-ups love it so ...... the happy world of HARIBO! Always recycle where possible, or bin it Nutrition Table of Nutritional Information per 100...
Sainsbury's Wholenut Milk Chocolate 200g
Description Milk chocolate with whole hazelnuts   Suitable for Vegetarians  8 servings Nutrition A serving contains Typical Values ENERGY 606kJ 146kcal 7% white FAT 10.2g 15% red SATURATES 3.9g 20% red SUGARS 9.9g 11% red SALT 0.03g 1% green %...
Mieszko Cherrissimo 104g
Description Filled chocolates. Cherries in alcohol. Nutrition Table of Nutritional Information 100 g Energy 1838 kJ / 439 kcal Fat 22 g of which: - saturates 14 g Carbohydrates 59 g of which: - sugars 53 g Protein 4,3 g...
Mentos Mint Sweets Roll 38g
Description Chewy mint Flavoured sweets. Chewy and Refreshing Peppermint Flavoured Sweets Just Natural Colours Great for sharing with family & friends 38g roll Made only from natural flavours, Mentos Mint is a refreshing and chewy sweet. This roll is perfect...
Extra Refreshers Bubblemint Sugar Free Chewing Gum Handy Box x7
Description Sugarfree Chewing Gum with Sweeteners and Fruit and Mint Flavours. Fresh Look Sugarfree Suitable for Vegetarians A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important. Excessive consumption may produce laxative effects. Nutrition Table of Nutritional Information Per...
Lindt Classic Recipe Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Bar 125g
Description Milk Chocolate with Roasted Hazelnuts Pieces Discover the creamy, smooth chocolate of Lindt Classic Recipe Made with the best tasting chocolate and finest quality sustainable cocoa This chocolate bar is the perfect indulgence, or premium on-the-go snack Expertly crafted...
Smarties Milk Chocolate Sweets Tube 38g
Description Milk chocolate (65%) in a crisp sugar shell. Smooth milk chocolate covered in colourful crisp sugar shells - which colour are you? A deliciously fun and colourful treat in a convenient resealable Smarties® tube Includes orange Smarties®, made using...
Ritter Sport Cornflakes 100g
Description Milk chocolate with cornflakes (12%). With crispy-crunchy cornflakes Colourful variety Quality, chocolate, squared Our CocoaTo learn more about Ritter Sport's engagement for cocoa visit Green Dot Nutrition Table of Nutritional Information per 100 g: Energy 2173 kJ (520...
Extra White Bubblemint Chewing Gum Sugar Free 10 Pieces 14g
Description Sugarfree Chewing Gum with Sweeteners and Fruit and Mint Flavours. Fresh Look For Clean & White Teeth Oral Health Foundation Approved Sugarfree Helps remove stains and maintain teeth's natural whiteness Suitable for Vegetarians Irish Dental Approved Association**Extra sugarfree chewing...
Galaxy Fusions Dark Chocolate 70% Cocoa Bar 100g
Description Dark chocolate. Luxuriously smooth and deliciously intense dark chocolate Suitable for vegetarians Discover a new twist on pleasureLuxuriously smooth and deliciously intense chocolate. Explore the rest of our Galaxy® Fusions range for more deliciously unexpected combinations to treat the...
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