TRS Rice flour is milled hygienically and specially treated to ensure it is free from any impurities. This finely ground Rice Flour is an important ingredient in many worldwide recipes. Rice Flour can be used in controlled diets. Ingredients:Rice FlourStore in an...
TRS Ground Rice 5kgGround Rice is a coarser version of rice flour and is used in Indian cookery mainly for making idlis and dosas - steamed rice pudding and a rice pancake. Can also be used for a variety of...
TRS Rice flour is milled hygienically and specially treated to ensure it is free from any impurities.This finely ground rice flour is an important ingredient in many Indian recipes.Rice flour can be used in controlled diets.
Aani Golden Sella Basmati Rice 10KG
The original meaning of Basmati was the fragrant one, which also means my smile in Arabic and our Premium Basmati Rice is sure to bring a smile to your face as it delivers on taste, aroma and texture.Technical Details Item...
Aani Golden Sella Basmati Rice 5KG
The original meaning of Basmati was the fragrant one, which also means my smile in Arabic and our Premium Basmati Rice is sure to bring a smile to your face as it delivers on taste, aroma and texture.Directions1/4 tsp salt...
Aani Red Raw Rice - 1 x 5kg - no preservatives. Natural
Red rice is a variety of rice that is colored red by its anthocyanin content. It is usually eaten unhulled or partially hulled, and has a red husk, rather than the more common brown. Red rice has a nutty flavor....
Aani Sona Masoori Rice - 1 x 5kg
Allergens: na Food Specifications: Vegetarian Type: Sona Masoori Expiry Date: at least 9 moths MPN: a111 Brand: Aani
Aani Basmati Rice 5kg Pure, Aromatic
Product DescriptionVibrant colours meet intoxicating aromas and intense flavours when South Asian food is on the menu. Whether cooking Indian, Pakistani or Bangladeshi dishes, Aani’s rice, spices and oils are key ingredients to an authentic South Asian experience. A kitchen...
Peacock Premium USA Easy Cook Long Grain Rice, 10kg
Peacock's USA Long Grain Rice is parboiled, making it quick and easy to cook while producing individual fluffy grains which do not stick. Premium American parboiled rice is renowned for its consistent quality and it can be used for countless...
Tilda Pure Basmati Rice, 10 Kg
Features Free from additives Free from artificial colours Free from artificial flavours Free from artificial preservatives Specifications: Brand: Tilda Weight: 10 kg
Karam Pakistani Basmati Rice, 10 kg
Karam Pakistan Basmati Rice has long, slender grains with a delicious aromatic taste and delicate texture. It has been aged between 12 to 24 months for greater maturity, helping to enhance its flavour and aroma. When cooked, the rice has a...
Pot Noodle King Pot Beef & Tomato 114g
Description Noodles in a Beef and Tomato flavour sauce with vegetables and a little sachet of tomato sauce. Get charged up and take on a beefy adventure with Pot Noodle Beef & Tomato King Pot A delicious blend of hearty...
Pastificio Carmiano Gragnano Spaghettoni 500g
Description Durum wheat semolina 100% made in Italy Food Safe Nutrition Table of Nutritional Information per 100 g Energy 1551 KJ Energy 358 Kcal Total Fat 1,30 g of which: saturates 0,25 g Carbohydrates 71 g of which: sugars 3,40...
Salaam Basmati Rice 10kg
Description Basmati Rice Traditional goodness Finest aromatic rice from the fertile region of Punjab Nutrition ENERGY 1187kJ 279kcal 14% energy FAT 0.4g 1% Low SATURATES <0.1g 0% Low SUGARS <0.1g 0% Low SALT <0.1g 0% Low Reference intake of an...
Barenaked Protein Noodles 250g
Description Protein Noodles Only 26kcal per serving! Zero fat Low in calories Improved Taste and Texture! Enhanced with pea protein Source of fibre No added artificial flavours No added preservatives Gluten-Free Suitable for Vegetarians and vegans These konjac shaped noodles...
Pot Noodle Chicken & Mushroom 90g
Description Noodles in a Chicken and Mushroom flavour sauce with vegetables and a little sachet of soy sauce. Be legendary, never chicken out and make your wildest dreams mushroom into reality with Pot Noodle Chicken & Mushroom Pot 90 g...
Bens Original Peri Peri Microwave Rice 250g
Description Steamed parboiled long grain rice with chilli and spices. Convenient: Microwave rice in just 2 minutes Nutritious: No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives Ben´s Original™ Peri Peri microwave rice is suitable for vegetarians Ben´s Original™ Rice is sustainably sourced...
Naked Veg Pot Malaysian Rendang Curry 60g
Description Dried Noodles in a Mild Curry Sauce with Coconut Milk, Mushroom, Broccoli & Coriander. Mushroom & Broccoli 1 of Your 5 a Day Chilli rating - mild - 1 Less than 240 Kcal Less than 2% Fat Source of...
Sainsbury's Thai Black Rice 500g
Description Thai black rice   Great for Asian style dishes & desserts  A brilliant deep purple colour when cooked, black rice provides a beautiful contrast in meals and is an impressive addition to any dish. It has a delicious rich...
Quorn Vegetarian Chilli Bean Bowl 300g
Description Meat free mince, made with mycoprotein, with three beans in a spicy tomato sauce and long grain rice Microwave 2 Mins High in Protein Under 350 kcals No Artificial Colours, Flavours or Preservatives Vegetarian Society - Approved Enjoy Quorn...
Pot Noodle Curry Lost The Pot 92g
Description Instant noodles with a sachet of curry flavour seasoning Pot Noodle Lost the Pot Curry flavour, from the nation’s favourite instant noodle brand* Now dinner for the whole family couldn’t be easier A quick, filling and tasty noodle dish...
Blooming Good Food Smokey Sweetcorn & Green Beans 55g
Description Sweetcorn & green beans in a smokey and spicy tomato sauce. 100% plant based Less than 180 Calories Made with natural flavours 1 of Your 5-a-Day Seal of Blooming Good Food Naturally High in Fibre 100% Plant Based FoodAll...
Sainsbury's Linguine 500g
Description Dried durum wheat semolina pasta   made with 100% Italian durum wheat  "Little tongues". Originally from Liguria. Their flat shape is perfect for a light sauce such as pesto. Nutrition per 200g serving Typical Values (cooked as per instructions)...
Tilda Easy Cook Long Grain 500g
Description Non-stick, separate, parboiled Firm parboiled grains ideal for stuffings, stews and casseroles Prefluffed parboiled Gluten free With half a century of expertise, we hand-select premium grains to make sure only the best rice is used in every Tilda pack....
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