Salitair Salt Inhaler - Refill 220g
Allergens InformationFree From: Crustacean, Dairy, Egg, GMO, Lactose, Soya, Sugar, Wheat, YeastSuitable For: Vegans, Vegetarians
Puressentiel Purifying Air Spray 200ml
The Puressentiel Purifying Air Spray creates a clean, uplifting, aromatic atmosphere in your home. Enjoy a clean, fresh air without synthetic chemicals! Its patented formula contains a unique blend of 100% pure and natural essential oils: Dill, Anise, sweet Basil,...
Puressentiel Respiratory Air Spray 20ml
The Puressentiel Respiratory Air Spray to be used at the first signs of winter discomfort and seasonal sensitivities to soothe the airways. Formulated with a blend of 19 essential oils: Anise, Bay St Thomas, Cajeput, Atlas Cedar wood, Lemon, Clove,...
Puressentiel Respiratory Balm 50ml
The Puressentiel Respiratory Balm promotes respiratory well-being. To be used at the first signs of winter discomfort and seasonal sensitivities. It contains a blend of 19 essential oils with purifying and soothing properties: Anise, Bay St Thomas, Cajeput, Cedar wood,...
Otosan Nasal Spray 30ml
Allergens InformationFree From: Dairy, Gluten, WheatSuitable For: VegansBrand Name: OtosanEAN: 8016890000000TUC: 8016890000000
Haymax Counter Display - 12 Assorted Lavender, Aloe & Pure 5ml x 12
Allergens InformationFree From: Alcohol, Dairy, Gluten, GMO, Nuts, Parabens, Pork, Soya, WheatSuitable For: Organic, Vegetarians
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