AANI Ginger & Garlic Paste 6 x 1kg
Item specifics Allergens: garlic Food Specifications: jar Regional Cuisine/Region: Asian Type: Garlic Expiry Date: at least 6 months Form: Paste MPN: amgap Brand: Aani Labels & Certifications: Fairtrade Product: Spice Mix
Habitat Bowl Set 4Pc
Description Spot of baking? You’ll be needing these then. This fabulous foursome are perfect for stress-free cooking. Complete with a colander, sieve, small bowl and a large bowl. The perfect mixture for creating your star bakes. Ta-dah! Wash before useDishwasher...
Bahlsen Special Edition Messino Pink Gin & Tonic 125g
Description Soft cake with a gin & tonic flavoured fruit filling (53%) and dark chocolate (19%). Chocolate Filling Sponge Cake With Love, Dedication and Wheat Flour from Trusted Farmers Without Addition of Colourings and Preservatives Soft sponge cakes with a...
E. Wendel Dark Chocolate with Panna Cotta Flavour Filling 100g
Description Dark Chocolate with Panna Cotta Flavour Filling Ghana Cocoa Dark Panna Cotta FlavourJan Wedel, the grandson of our company founder, was a true visionary. In order to learn all the secrets of chocolate manufacture, he began his career from...
E. Wedel Jaffa Cakes Raspberry in Dark Chocolate 147g
Description Sponge-Cakes with Raspberry Jelly (52%) in Dark Chocolate Original Wedel chocolate Nutrition Table of Nutritional Information 100 g Energy 1476 kJ 350 kcal Fat 7,0 g of which saturates 3,8 g Carbohydrate 67 g of which sugars 49 g...
Schar Gluten Free Waffles 100g
Description Gluten free waffles. Specifically formulated for people intolerant to gluten Gluten-Free Preservative Free This product is packed in protective atmosphere. Crossed Grain Symbol - IT-016-351 Separate Your Waste According to Your Local GuidelinesNot yet recyclablePlastic-07 Crossed Grain Symbol Green...
McVitie's Mermaid Limited Edition Magical Choccy Cake Bars x5
Description Sponge Cakes with a Cream Filling, Covered in Milk Chocolate Individually wrapped Does not contain dairy cream No hydrogenated vegetable oil No artificial colours or flavours Suitable for vegetarians If you enjoy these why not try our delicious Club...
Equal Exchange Fairtrade Organic Palestinian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Canaan Blend 500ml
Description Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic Fairtrade As the name suggests this delicious oil comes from the ancient land of Canaan. A blend of organic extra virgin oils from small farmer groves, this versatile oil has an attractive fruity aroma...
McVitie's Limited Edition Unicorn Rainbow Crystal Cake Bars x5
Description Sponge Cakes with a Cream Filling and Coloured Sugar Pieces, Covered in Milk Chocolate Individually wrapped No hydrogenated vegetable oil Does not contain dairy cream No artificial colours or flavours Suitable for vegetarians Sponge cakes with a cream filling...
Treat Kitchen You're a Good Egg Fried Egg Gummy Sweets 350g
Description Double Layer Waxed Gelatine with Pectin, Fruit Flavour Gum Sweets Quirky and fun sweet filled glass milk bottles with a positive message. Reuse the milk bottle after the gummy fried eggs have been enjoyed! Hungry For More?Contact us at...
Sainsbury's Digestive Biscuits 500g
Description Digestive biscuits Nutrition A serving contains Typical Values ENERGY 274kJ 65kcal 3% white FAT 2.9g 4% red SATURATES 1.3g 7% red SUGARS 1.9g 2% amber SALT 0.12g 2% amber % of the Reference Intakes Typical Values 100g contains :...
Seeds of Change Organic Pasta Sauce Tomato & Basil 500g
Description Organic Tomato and Basil Pasta Sauce. Organic Tomato & Basil pasta sauce: simple but delicious Convenient: perfect for a quick meal that's full of flavour This pasta sauce is suitable for vegetarians Nutritious - Simply no need for artificial...
Sephra Sweet & Salty Popcorn 170g
Description Gluten free No artificial colours or flavours Suitable for vegetarians Nutrition Table of Nutritional Information Per 100g Energy 1886 kJ 450 kcal Fat 17.3g Of which Saturates 1.34g Carbohydrates 60.9g Of which Sugars 20.6g Fibre 11.1g Protein 7.1g Salt...
Sainsbury's Pizza Bases x2 300g
Description 2 Pizza bases made with extra virgin olive oil (3%) Hand stretched and flame baked in a clay oven Nutrition Per 1/2 of a pizza base Typical Values as consumed ENERGY 904kJ 214kcal 11% white FAT 4.4g 6% amber...
itsu New Peking Duck Prawn Crackers Sharing Bag 60g
Description Peking duck flavour prawn crackers made with tapioca flour No artificial flavourings Eat beautifulThe original, beautifully seasoned, quality prawn cracker.Prawn crackers, also called shrimp puffs, have been enjoyed throughout Asia for generations as a roadside snack, at banquets &...
Sainsbury's Pumpkin Seeds 100g
Description Pumpkin Seeds Nutrition A serving contains Typical Values ENERGY 245kJ 59kcal 3% white FAT 4.7g 7% red SATURATES 0.8g 4% red SUGARS <0.5g <1%% green SALT 0.02g <1%% green % of the Reference Intakes Typical Values 100g contains :...
Kabuto Singapore Noodles 80g
Description A fresh tasting aromatic noodle dish with five spice, sweetcorn & chilli. Suitable for vegetarians Our Singapore Noodles are inspired by the traditional dish from Singapore; made with wheat noodles, five spice, sweetcorn and chilli. Every Kabuto Noodles pot...
Pringles Sizzl'N Spicy BBQ Crisps 180g
Description Spicy Barbecue Flavour Savoury Snack. Chilli rating - spicy - 2 With Sunflower Oil Suitable for vegetarians Packaged in a protective atmosphere. TM, ®, © 2021 Kellogg Europe Trading Limited. Nutrition ENERGY 651kJ 156kcal 8% energy 100g: 2171 kJ...
Sainsbury's Tortilla Chips Chilli 200g
Description Chilli flavour maize snacks Chilli rating 2 PERFECT FOR SHARING Nutrition per 30g serving Typical Values ENERGY 610kJ 146kcal 7% white FAT 6.5g 9% red SATURATES 0.5g 3% amber SUGARS 0.8g 1% green SALT 0.39g 7% amber % of...
Cocoa & Co. The Ultimate Favourites Chocolate Collection 220g
Description Dark, milk, white chocolate and white chocolate with caramelised sugar filled with caramel, ganache and praline, hand decorated with edible lustre DARK CHOCOLATE & HONEY AND GINGER A dark chocolate shell filled with honey flavoured ganache flavoured with fiery...
Sainsbury's Chocolate Chip Cookies 250g
Description Cookies with dark chocolate chips Nutrition Per cookie Typical Values ENERGY 222kJ 53kcal 3% white FAT 2.6g 4% red SATURATES 1.3g 7% red SUGARS 3.0g 3% red SALT 0.05g 1% amber % of the Reference Intakes Typical Values 100g...
Hula Hoops Puft Salted Crisps 6x15g
Description Salted Flavour Wheat & Potato Snacks 72 kcal, 302 kJ per 15g pack Light and crispy puffed hoops Cooked with 100% Sunflower Oil No Artificial Flavours or Colours No MSG Suitable for vegetarians Our Promise to you...Hula Hoops Puft...
Island Delight Spicy Vegetable Pattie 140g
Description Spicy Vegetable Pattie: selected mixed vegetables simmered in herbs and spices, baked in a flaky pastry. Chilli rating - spicy - 2 Authentic Jamaican recipe Vegetarian Society Approved Vegan At Island Delight we bring you authentic Jamaican recipes to...
Blooming Good Food Sweet Potato & Lentil Curry 55g
Description Sweet potato, lentils & vegetables in a sweet coconut sauce. 100% plant based Less than 200 Calories Made with natural flavours 1 of Your 5-a-Day Seal of Blooming Good Food Naturally High in Fibre 100% Plant Based FoodAll the...
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