Kendamil Classic First Infant Ready to Feed 6x200ml
Description:Our Classic Ready to Feed milk is inspired by nature and made with love. This starter pack is conveniently packed with 6x200ml bottles. Kendamil uniquely avoids both palm oil and fish oil – a first for a liquid baby milk in the...
Lizzie Loves Nature’s Botanicals BE SETTLED Digestive Support 5 Sachets
DescriptionLizzie Loves Nature’s Botanicals BE SETTLED BE SETTLED helps to calm children’s tummies BE SETTLED is a blend of apple and activated charcoal made from coconuts. It doesn't taste of much and it looks like nothing else. BE SETTLED IS...
£14.03 £12.53
BetterYou Magnesium Sleep Kid Spray 100ml
BetterYou Magnesium Sleep Kids' Body Spray 100ml A marvellous mixture of magnesium chloride and lavender to help relax the body before bedtime. Paediatrician approved, dermatologically tested and suitable for sensitive skin Formulated with natural sources of lavender and chamomile. A...
£19.00 £16.78
EasyTots Dinky Cup, 2 Pack
Product Details The new ‘dinky’ size 50ml open baby cup is made-to-measure for little hands and mouths! Help your baby learn to self-sip right from the start of weaning! With unique re-balancing action, grippy dots, and measuring lines. Whatever angle your...
£22.99 £18.75
EasyTots Baby Suction Bowl and Cutlery Set in 3 Colours
Product Details EasyTots Suction Bowl helps with all stages of weaning for babies and toddlers. Especially helpful for Baby Led Weaning and as toddlers are learning to feed themselves. The depth and curvature of the bowl will help make feeding...
£15.65 £13.99
EasyTots Weaning Set, 4 Pieces in 3 Colours
Product Details EasyTots’ 4 Piece Weaning Set offers everything you need for weaning from start to finish. Contains the award-winning portable EasyMat Mini suction plate, a small learner open DinkyCup, Suction bowl and ergonomic baby starter fork and spoon set....
£39.18 £34.99
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