Trade Assurance

Protect your online orders when payment is made through McGrocer platform

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How to Get Protection

1. Buyer and Seller must define product quality and specify delivery date on McGrocer message tool.

2. Only pay through McGrocer secure payment.

3. If there’s an issue with the order, request a refund within 5 days of product delivery.

Peace of Mind

Our trade assurance service which offers a positive end-to-end experience for sellers and buyers, when you buy from McGrocer seller and pay on our platform.

Buyer Self-Inspection

Upon product delivery, the buyer should inspect the product quality right away to ensure satisfaction. We use the online order and communication thread on the platform as the basis for refund resolution. It is necessary that the payment is made online via McGrocer secure payment platform.

Mediation between Seller and Buyer

We help to mediate disagreements between the buyer and seller, where the product specification or shipping terms differs from the earlier agreed terms.

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