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Manage your business anywhere using our inbuilt B2B ecommerce tools to ensure smooth transactions and help your business grow

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Leverage on our platform to increase sales without leaving your workspace. We offer more than a storefront in a marketplace, you’ll get a marketplace with end-to-end bulk/wholesale capabilities designed to help you reach new customers and offer repeat customers a better alternative.

How to Sell

  • Choose a plan
  • Sign-up to the platform
  • Provide due diligence information namely: business email address for your McGrocer account, valid passport or ID and company registration details
  • List products
  • Receive orders
  • Or receive offers and enquiries
  • Respond to enquiries and negotiate offers
  • Prepare, pack goods and deliver via McGrocer carrier or your own carrier
  • Receive payment after buyer confirms receipt of goods

Built-In B2B E-Commerce Tools

  • Bulk/wholesale capabilities to set price range and minimum order quantity
  • Receive orders and negotiate offers
  • Shipping rates and capabilities for fixed price listings
  • Order fulfilment and order status tracking
  • Create pro-forma invoice and invoice for offline transactions and cross-border shipments
  • Language and currency conversions tools
  • Convenient communication tools i.e. messenger, live chat, audio, video calls and screenshare

Secure and Seamless Payments

Flexible payment options anchored by top UK and international financial institutions, including our trade assurance service which offers a positive end-to-end experience for sellers and buyers who process payments on McGrocer platform. Sellers are notified of payment receipt before packing and shipping; payments are released to sellers after the buyer confirms receipt the goods in accordance to mutually agreed terms..

Manage your Business Anywhere

Register, list, and start selling in days using our user-friendly portal to manage your orders and negotiate the best possible deals via messenger, live chat and audio calls. Records of message threads are vital in resolving buyer-seller dispute. No coding skills necessary.

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