Wilko Terracotta Plastic Plant Pot 13cm 5 Pack
Our 13cm diameter Plastic Plant Pots are perfect for repotting young plants that need a bigger home. Creating a stable home for plants with durable, terracotta-coloured plastic, they can also be placed inside plant pot holders for a more finished...
Wilko Patio Weed Brush
Our weed paving brush set has metal bristles for thorough and convenient cleaning. The brush removes weeds, dirt and debris from between slabs and block paving. For a perfect patio simply brush or scrape towards you. Warning: Functional sharp edge...
Charles Bentley Bulldozer Heavy Duty 14in Garden Broom
Make light work of outdoor and tougher cleaning jobs with our heavy duty stiff bristle brush. The brush is 1.3m tall and 14 inches wide and the bristles are made from stiff pvc which is ideal for a variety of general...
Jeyes Smart Brush Mould & Mildew Remover 300ml
The Jeyes Smart Brush features a powerful bleach formulation to remove mould and mildew in a flash. Made to prevent regrowth for up to 3 months, it starts to work immediately, delivering longer-lasting sparkle and shine. Comes with an integrated...
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